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Make LaTeX Book

📅 2019-08-30 06:23:19 +0000
  假期看了《某科学的超电磁炮》,因为是番外,又去看了《魔法禁书目录》。但魔禁三拍的实在是让人看得云里雾里,看到好多评论说要去看原著才能看懂,找了一下,发现只有 TXT 版本的,和 EPUB 版本的。因为找到的资源里 EPUB 版本的都在百度网盘,以及我需要在手机上看等原因,我就直接选择了把 TXT 格式的版本用 LaTeX 转换成 PDF 格式,正好可以尝试一下 LaTeX 的 Book。

Open-Source game Teeworlds

📅 2019-04-03 07:02:19 +0000
  好久没有写博客了,这次我打算开始用中文写,感觉用英文写完全是给自己和别人找麻烦,自己英文水平不好,完全没有必要。   Teeworlds 是 “A retro multiplayer shooter”, 一款开源复古[1]多人射击游戏。 不知道是不是卷轴,我查 retro 这个词只查到了复古的意思 ↩

some thoughts about the sinking of chinese medicine

📅 2018-02-21 10:04:19 +0000
Some thought about the sinking of traditional Chinese medical science It seems that traditional Chinese medical science is sinking now, but, chinese traditional medicine is for solve the root cause of disease which western medicine is palliative, why former sinks? After discussing, I found some conclusions: It’s easy to be a doctor who major in western medicine, but to be a good doctor of chinese traditional medicine, you need to practicing medicine for many years, so the good doct...

from northeast to hefei

📅 2018-02-17 11:35:18 +0000
From northeast to Hefei —-some thought of studying and life in university. I live in a small city (seems third-tier city?) in northeast, and I studied in key high school of our city. However, after entering university, I found the three years in high school are totally wasted. Because of NCEE, we did lots of practice in the three years, with pity time to study things we like, but many students in our department of our university studied lots of things in the three years of high school, not o...

from chem to cs

📅 2018-02-15 15:36:00 +0000
From chemistry to computer science —–some thought about my studying in the university Maybe I’m a so-called “study-like child” before, but I think the time I began to have interest on studying in the grade two of junior high school, and I love physics in that semester. One year later, in grade three, I fell in love with chemistry just when I began to contact it. Not satisfied with the knowledge studied in classes, I always try to find more on the internet or some textbooks. I think I like ch...