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From northeast to Hefei

—-some thought of studying and life in university.

I live in a small city (seems third-tier city?) in northeast, and I studied in key high school of our city. However, after entering university, I found the three years in high school are totally wasted. Because of NCEE, we did lots of practice in the three years, with pity time to study things we like, but many students in our department of our university studied lots of things in the three years of high school, not only for things in computer science, but for others things like natural lanages, instruments and sports.

Schools in big cities put more attention on synthesis ability, the purpose of schools in small cities are mostly high entrance rate, so the classes which are not inspected in NCEE, they always misappropriate their time, including PE classes. And there are other things which swallowed much time of us.

As for other things, schools in small city pay nearly no attention to the things like competitions, oral english and english listening. There are OI and other computer competitions, we even didn’t know that, not to mention guiders, and we falled behind ones in big cities far away.

All in all, we have lots of disadvantages comparing to students from big cities, so I felt high pressure after entered university, I tried desperately to catch up with them, but because of the big gap in ability between us, I feel the gap became larger and larger. My ability for self-studying is poor, so much time wasting when studying by myself, and my english is poor, so I have difficulty when reading tutor and others which are written in english (I try to write in english more is one way to inprove my english). They not only already grasp many things we need to study in class, but have good ability of self-studying, so the gap become larger and larger is naturally.

So, what I want to say is that study more things to improve your ability, not only do exercise. Too much exercise is inefficient, and time-wasting. Studying things by your self, and your ability of self-studying will approve, it’s an era of life-long learning, so the ability of self-studying is very important, and it’s also import to read more books, to do physical exercise and have other telents.