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Hackergame 2022 writeup

📅 2022-10-29 07:33:19 +0000
怎么说呢,上一次好好打 Hackergame 还是 2017 年的第四届,中间因为各种原因一般只看几道感兴趣的题目(其实都是找借口)。离开学校了反倒认真打了一场,但因为时间有限以及个人能力不行,最后也没打多少分,就写个心路历程吧,整理一下做出来或者花了较多时间但最后没做出来的题目的思路(没做出来的题目会标出来)

Experience of establishing Minecraft Servers

📅 2021-10-22 09:33:08 +0000
最近搭建了两个 Minecraft 服务器,调研了一些 MC 服务器搭建相关的开源工具链,于是想写篇 blog 总结一下(虽然已经拖了一段时间了,但免得再拖下去时间长都忘掉了)。

Create Minecraft-style anime

📅 2021-02-20 10:13:20 +0000
制作 MC 画风的动画 突然就有了把 Minecraft 存档转换成 3D 模型的想法,经过搜索发现了 Mineways 这个软件。 注:本文有大量图片

Use tig to monitor your machine

📅 2020-09-12 08:31:56 +0000
所谓 tig,就是指 telegraf,influxdb 以及 grafana 组成的一套工具链。telegraf 负责数据收集,influxdb 是数据库,负责数据存储和管理,grafana 则是可视化界面,查询 influxdb 中存储的数据并以可视化图表的形式展现出来。

Good website for language learning

📅 2020-05-11 06:39:15 +0000
之前在同学那里得知 lang-8 这个可以发文章然后由 native speaker 来修改的网站的时候感觉很不错,想试一试,结果发现 lang-8 已经停止新用户注册了。无奈之下,查了半天有没有相似的网站,然后就发现了 LangCorrect。

Blender dissolve effect

📅 2019-10-11 04:44:09 +0000
可能是因为 blender 2.8 改动太大,按照原文中的一些操作我不知道如何进行(比如给 material 加上 blend texture,在 node 界面倒是可以加上一些 texture,但这里要的 blend 类型没有),不过省略了一些步骤之后仍然 work,我对其进行了一些总结,总的来说制作 dissolve effect 的步骤如下:

Blender create liquid in glass

📅 2019-10-10 12:57:06 +0000
最近又折腾了一下 Blender,上次折腾的东西感觉忘得差不多了,于是这次记一下省得下次再忘了。

powerful css

📅 2018-05-05 03:17:01 +0000
CSS is powerful! during my GitHub Page building, I have tried some css tricks, such as the omit of items according to the width in top panel; put the panel on the top; and the spinning avatar and so on. Spin avatar this is my spinning avatar, try to put arrow on it: copy And its implement is only several lines: #picture { -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 1.6s ease-in-out; transition: transform 1.6s ease-in-out; } #picture:hover { -webkit-transform: rotate(720deg); ...

About my top panel

📅 2018-04-30 06:42:14 +0000
Somethings about my top panel in GitHub Page 1 side bar After I established my GitHub Page, I want to make a list of links to my different parts. But because I use jekyll, not hexo or others, it seems I can’t add side bar or some things similar directly (Maybe it caused by my weak ability of searching). So I make all links on the top of every post. However, it is troublesome and not convenient, I saw some websites (include GitHub) have roll-fix top panel, which can be static when it isn’t...

The establishment of repoistory bing-wallpaper-collect

📅 2018-04-28 14:39:03 +0000
The establishment of repoistory bing-wallpaper-collect The purpose of this repoistory The backgrounds of bing is always good, and it refresh every day, I use them as wallpaper, log-in background, grub background, and so on. I always download them manually, It may not very troublesome, but my touchpad’s right key broken recently, so I decided to download it automatically. And I think: why not push it on github? It can also published to my github page, and then people can browse them, and dow...

convert kanji to kana

📅 2018-02-17 10:28:33 +0000
kakasi — the program which can convert kanji to kana Kanji in japanese source from chinese characters, and the pronunciation of kanji are different from chinese characters. Kanji can pronunce by kana or romaji, so how to convert kanji to kana or romaji? I found a program – kakasi. KAKASI kakasi is a program which can Convert Kanji characters to Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji, for archlinux users, it is in the community repository Usage: kakasi -a[jE] -j[aE] -g[ajE] -k[ajKH] -E[aj] -K[ajkH] -...

some things I sorted out

📅 2018-02-16 12:43:12 +0000
These are some things I sorted out, and wrote in pdf format by latex (I put these on index.html originally) this is a file with the tips I collected when using linux: tips.pdf I’m using archlinux as my OS, and this is some things I think maybe useful for newers: arch.pdf

basically use jekyll theme in Github Page

📅 2018-02-13 04:52:16 +0000
basically tutor to use jekyll theme in Github Page if you don’t have a Github Page, create it first. create a repository with the name: And enter the settings page, find change theme choose a theme you want to use clone your repository to local you will found a in your repository (index.html didn’t work any more) the blog pages need to store in _post directory, and its name is YYYY-MM-DD-blog_name.MARKUP fo...