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some experiences of using python to deal with data in physics experiment of USTC.

There are many modules in python, such as matplotlib, numpy, scipy, sympy and so on. So, you can do many things with python.

Some times, there are many data to process in physics experiment of USTC, so, why not use python to help you?

ipython is a good interactive shell of python, it have syntax highlighting, auto complete, auto indentation and so on, and it doesn’t occupy much.

You can record your data in list, and write into a script at first, and when you want to process data, you can use command

cat - | ipython

to load the data and enter ipython. Or, you can also record data only when you want to process data, and ipython have commands such as %save to help you save the data.

And then, I will introduce some modules for you to use.

and you can also use def, for or other key words to simplify your data processing.

All in all, python doesn’t have much disadvantage to other scientific calculating software, and it even have more functions, it is very useful in data processing.