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Compile with older gcc in Archlinux


I’m an Archlinux user, and because the version of packages in Archlinux are always almost the newest. So when I compile the code written in distros with older gcc, such as Ubuntu, I always fail to compile.

For example, when I compile a teeworlds server with mod CSTT, I always got error and it can’t output the binary, but when I compile it in Ubuntu, things got much easier. However, the binary compiled in Ubuntu can’t run in my Archlinux, either (It always said can’t find command, and the mod can’t be loaded correctly, such as dm++ can only serve as dm).

compilation always fail


So I came up with an idea of using a different version of gcc when compile. However, I didn’t find how to appoint gcc version in bam.lua. Firstly, I installed community/gcc54 with pacman, gcc54 is in version 5.4.1 now. And what if I link gcc-5 and g++-5 to local directory? And I also set PATH=.:$PATH bam config and PATH=.:$PATH bam server_release to make it call local command first when compile with bam. And it works! So I add PATH=.:$PATH in my zshrc, so I can directly use this way in future. (don’t forget to clean binaries former by bam -c all)

I think make can also use this way, but you can directly modify Makefile, and add CC="gcc-5" or directly use make CC=gcc-5, it will directly solve this problem.

so, have a good time!