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开源游戏 Teeworlds

📁 summary   📅 2019-04-03 07:02:19 +0000
好久没有写博客了,这次我打算开始用中文写,感觉用英文写完全是给自己和别人找麻烦,自己英文水平不好,完全没有必要。 Teeworlds 是 “A retro multiplayer shooter”, 一款开源复古[1]多人射击游戏。 不知道是不是卷轴,我查 retro 这个词只查到了复古的意思 ↩

Tools under Linux

📁 linux   📅 2018-07-21 11:26:09 +0000
This is a post about some good open source tools under Linux. I think it will continue updating because I may find more good tools in my using. About graph processing Gimp Gimp is a powerful tool of graph processing, it includes many functions, I think if you are not very professional, it can replace of Adobe Photoshop. If you are familiar with Photoshop, it is not hard to study it. Inkscape Inkscape is also a powerful tool, but it is for processing vector drawings. You can translate b...